Andrew Fuller at the Evangelical Theological Society


Andrew Fuller

My thesis explores the theology of John Gill and Andrew Fuller, two Particular Baptist ministers from the eighteenth century. While it seems that Gill unfortunately receives little attention today, interest in the life and ministry of Fuller is increasing. The program for this year’s ETS meeting displays a number of paper presentations on Fuller’s theology and ministry.

This is a welcome development. Fuller greatly influenced the development of the Baptist tradition. He has appeal, though, even for those outside of the Baptist fold. I hope to write a blog post soon on why this is the case; I plan to outline briefly his work on missions, pastoral ministry, apologetics, and theology. In the meantime, I offer this post in an effort to draw attention to the research presently occurring on Fuller. I have collected below the dates and times of all the presentations at this year’s ETS that pertain to him.

Also, if  you are interested in my paper on Gill, I will be presenting on Tuesday, November 17 from 3:40-4:20pm in room 402. The title of my paper is “John Gill and Hyper-Calvinism: Assessing Recent Arguments Over Gill’s Theological Identity.”

Presentations on Fuller

  • A session devoted to Fuller’s The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation will occur in room 206 on Tuesday, November 17 from 2:00-5:10pm. It will feature presentations from Michael Haykin (SBTS), Jeffrey Robinson (SBTS), David Lewis Allen (SWBTS), and Shane Shaddix (SEBTS). Marvin Jones from Louisiana College will moderate.
  • A session devoted to the life, thought, and legacy of Andrew Fuller will take place on Wednesday, November 18 from 8:30-11:40am in room 213. It will feature presentations from Andrew Ballitch (SBTS), Dustin Bruce (SBTS), Steve Weaver (Andrew Fuller Center at SBTS), and Gregory A. Wills (SBTS). Nathan Finn, my former church history professor and current Dean of the School of Theology and Missions at Union University, will moderate.
  • Matthew D. Haste will present a paper on Fuller’s theology of marriage on Thursday, November 19th from 1:00-1:40pm in Grand Salon A.

About David Rathel

Husband to April; Baptist Minister; Student at St. Mary's Divinity School at the University of St. Andrews
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